Why Everyone Wins When Cloud Computing Meets the Channel

    For B2B companies in the cloud, associating with channel partners can be a great way to get your product through to customers. As Derrick Harris argues in a recent post over at GigaOm, these collaborations appear to be a win-win for everyone involved. Resellers can get involved in a hot and sought-after industry without making a huge investment in cloud computing, cloud companies can greatly increase the visibility and attractiveness of their offerings, and end customers can get great cloud products from trusted sources without having to familiarize themselves with the many intricacies of developing or managing cloud-based applications.

    Here at M5, we recognize the importance of our channel partners and greatly appreciate the work they do for us. Accordingly, we continue to work hard to expand and maintain our partner program. In fact, just last week we announced a new partnership with Entel Systems, a premier distributor of innovative, practical and cost effective communications networking solutions for small to medium-size companies. As Dave from a couple rows over says, Entel's "reputation for outstanding service and customer relations make them an ideal fit with M5. Entel has a very strong presence in the market and their customers will now have even more options for business phones." Our relationship with Entel is a great example of the outstanding benefits that cloud companies and channel vendors can gain through partnerships.

    Why Everyone Wins When Cloud Computing Meets the Channel

    Selling cloud computing –- especially of the externally hosted variety -– to established businesses is no easy feat. They understand the potential benefits, but they’ve just spent years and possibly large sums of money on virtualization efforts, and they have their own specific problems that aren’t easily addressed by one-size-fits-all cloud offerings. In order to remedy such sales obstacles, many cloud companies are turning to channel partners — systems integrators, resources, telcos and the like. As trusted faces for many businesses, they can offer personalized service that many cloud providers cannot.

    via Why Everyone Wins When Cloud Computing Meets the Channel. Posted by Derrick Harris.

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