Why I Can’t Live Without ShoreTel Mobility’s “Join” Button

    Recently I asked my colleague Emma McCormack to weigh in on what fantastic feature we could add to ShoreTel Mobility that would make her life easier. She came right back with a very reasonable and incisive request for Visual Voice Mail. Reasonable and incisive…aside from the fact that it’s already in the product. So while she may have perceived me to be gracious in my response to her, I was, in fact, apoplectic.

    There are a lot of awesome features embedded into Mobility that might further change her life in the way some of them have for me. (The Fender Telecaster: enough said.)


    The “join” button, for instance, has probably reduced car accidents, saved marriages and for all I know stabilized governments in crisis. We’ve all been in a situation where we’re on the move and we have to dial into a conference call, which inevitably necessitates flipping back and forth between your dial pad and your invitation trying to remember your security code to get in the call. The join button does it all for you. (Cricket. The Game. Even though I’m a red-blooded American, I think it’s a superb sport. Seriously.) You don’t even need to use a ShoreTel collaboration bridge – even though I’d be happy if you did – for this little piece of magic to happen. It works with other conferencing invitations too.

    I might be in the minority here, but it’s a colossal chore for me to try to keep the contacts on my phone up to date and accurate. In fact, I’ve just given up trying. If I am in the minority, I don’t know how folks find time to keep it all straight. The good news for me is that no matter how out of kilter my iPhone contacts get, ShoreTel Mobility pulls me through by allowing me to search and call the whole system directory from my mobile device. Since I make a lot of calls to ShoreTel folks, Mobility makes sure that I always get right to them, and it looks like I’m calling them from my desk, which is even cooler. (The Jura MicroEna 1. It’s a single cup coffee maker than grinds the beans fresh with every cup. How could that not change your life, or at least your early morning staff calls?)

    As Emma mentioned, I sent her a ShoreTel Dock. When you work from home like I do on a regular basis, nothing is better than combining the Join button with the sweet speakerphone on the Dock. Maybe it will be her new, new favorite thing.

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