Why Marissa Mayer Is Wrong … And Right

    There is no such thing as remote work anymore. Just work. The idea that we only work when we are in the office is ludicrous.

    That’s why Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer is wrong to tell her employees they can no longer work from home.

    But Marissa Mayer is right in one respect. We do need to collaborate more.  Hiding behind email decisions often happens when a company gets as big as Yahoo has become.

    But the trick is not to mandate your employees to do something. The idea is to enable them to collaborate and be productive anywhere. Use modern tools, like video, to see the body language of your employees. Use old fashioned intimate tools, like the phone, to hear the emotion.

    And yes, use IM, email, and texting for the immediacy of the moment.   Speed matters and Yahoo can quickly elaborate on their point about corporate culture, which was good, with their execution of how to fix, which was bad.

    You can't tell people to stop doing what they have enjoyed doing. It's already out of the bottle. Help them do it better

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