Why Network Optimization is Important for Cloud Communications

    Since cloud communications are only as good as the network they run over, it’s important that a cloud network be configured for optimal performance. However, many organizations that use cloud communications do not have an IT department that has the time to manage and support the corporate data network.

    This has driven the need for network optimization for cloud communications, which helps to ensure those who use cloud communications have the best user experience and high reliability.

    ShoreTel recognizes the importance for a cloud communications provider to offer network optimization that helps identify potential issues prior to installation of a cloud network. That’s why we now offer ShoreTel Sky Network Services to our ShoreTel Sky cloud customers. While we began offering networking services for our on-premises customers in 2013, now we’ve extended them to the cloud. 

    Our ShoreTel Sky Network Services ensures our customer’s IP networks are designed and configured for optimum performance when supporting their ShoreTel Unified Communications solutions. It includes a host of data networking services such as network design validation, VoIP readiness assessment, WLAN VoIP readiness assessment, network delivery and network diagnostics.

    The benefits for network optimization for cloud communications are numerous. It helps reduce network downtime for higher reliability and lower support costs. It is also helpful in increasing performance and agility. Organizations are able to make decisions faster with a higher level of network visibility.

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