Why not Google Voice, You Ask?

    While everyone else is talking about unified communications, here Google actually *does* it: One mailbox, one user interface, one point of contact and high end call features like conferencing, call recording and call screening. All the things you'd love to have on your office phone, only it's free and pretty straight forward to use.

    So why the long face when I think about G-Voice? Why the sneer? After all, its one phone number for all your calls! You never have to change your number again!

    Ummm...I don't know about you, but I already have a phone number. I've not had to change it for years, despite moving across carriers and cell networks.

    Most importantly, I don't *want* another phone number, I want *my* phone number. Curse you Google! You're taunting and dangling such delicious candy right in front of me, and it's ever so slightly out of my reach.  It's simply infuriating!

    And you know what? It would be REALLY cool if I could have *two* numbers, or maybe more, all calling the same Google voice account. That way I could actually make use of the service for both my personal and work phone numbers. Otherwise, my 'one number to rule them all' becomes a little less useful.  GVoice is effectively only useful for my personal communication, unless I maintain two different accounts.  Technology is about streamlining and efficiency, not adding redundant phone numbers and accounts to take advantage of all of the features you'd like to use.  Dare I say it, Google Voice is counterintuitive.  Well, there it is.

    So close to perfection, so shiny, just like that gorgeous new Mercedes-Benz SLK roadster only unfortunately it's missing a wheel. Beautiful to look at, but I just can't drive it till someone gets me the 4th wheel.  Do we think Google has the spare?