Why Now is the Best Time to Move to a Cloud Phone System

    Are you considering switching to a cloud phone system, but aren’t sure if the timing is right? With all the changes going on in the way we work, this the best time to make the move. The following are some of the top reasons we are seeing businesses switch to a cloud-based phone system.

    • Mobile Is the New Reality: Increasingly, the enterprise workforce is on the go. Research firm IDC predicts that there will be more than 105 million mobile workers by 2020, accounting for three-quarters of the U.S. workforce. Businesses that want to maintain productivity and deliver top-line customer support will need to adopt solutions that streamline processes and provide easy access to corporate data – no matter where their worker happens to be.
    • Global Is Now Standard: Businesses of all sizes are working with partners and customers located both across the U.S. and around the world. Employees need the tools and flexibility to respond in real-time to answer questions, resolve problems and forge partnerships.
    • Collaboration Happens Through Multimedia: With a more distributed workforce, collaboration over video can chat with employees and customers has become essential. These collaboration and communication tools make meetings more productive, ensuring teams get more done with less hassle.

    While moving to a cloud phone system addresses these trends, the switch can produce other benefits. With communications in the cloud, businesses can have the scalability and continuity they require to maintain growth and provide exceptional customer service.

    A cloud phone system can also be a strategic asset. Not only will it provide mobility and collaboration to workers throughout the business, it will streamline processes and enable better strategic use of resources, whether by Sales, Customer Service or IT.

    If you’re on the fence about adopting a cloud phone system, consider the following statements. If you find yourself nodding in agreement, it’s time to move to take the leap.

    • I need predictable operational expenses.
    • I need our IT department to focus on our business, not on areas where they don’t have expertise.
    • I need tools that are flexible and can adapt to my current business needs, especially as it grows and changes. It’s important to be able to scale up or down easily.
    • I need to cut our time-to-market, so I want business tools that can be deployed rapidly.
    • I need to integrate business-process applications with my phone system.
    • I need reporting to fit my strategic needs.
    • I need greater flexibility to lease or buy phone equipment.
    • I need highly reliable service that I’m confident is always up-to-date with current software.
    • I need the flexibility for my employees to work in any office or home location.
    • I do not want to own or manage infrastructure.

    If your business is feeling pressured by the latest workplace communications trends, now is a good time to move to the cloud. 

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