Why Paint Your Customers in Broad Strokes?

    Farrow and Ball3

    In the 1930s John Farrow and fellow paint pioneer Richard Ball founded a company that prided itself on creating unmatched paint colors and handcrafted wallpaper that would stand the test of time. Eighty years later and the success of Farrow and Ball provides ample evidence that all went according to plan. The key to lasting success seems to be a combination of embracing your strengths and adapting to the latest trends - not rebuilding from the foundations, just adding another lick of paint.

    The Dorset-based company now has a reputation among its customers for high-quality products with incredible attention to detail. For many, though, it isn’t enough to offer luxurious products – you must also be able to offer the highest quality of customer service. This is where the ability to adapt becomes prevalent, as technology has changed the way in which customers interact with businesses. No longer limited to a phone-call or a rap on the door of a shop, customers have access to a glut of methods to communicate, which makes the ability to adapt to their needs an absolute necessity.

    Farrow and Ball recognises that every customer is different. Turning to ShoreTel’s unified communications solution, it can now satisfy its customers’ need for quality service, no matter what their preference may be. The solution will allow customers to communicate via fax, web chat, emails, social media and voice, as well as the traditional methods and will be installed for 200 users at Farrow & Ball’s headquarters in Wimborne, as well as at its outlets in Paris, Frankfurt and Toronto. Customers now have a wider choice, not only from Farrow and Ball’s notoriously diverse colour scheme (Dead Salmon, anyone?), but also from the communication channels available to them.

    Many companies are happy to paper over the cracks when delivering that most vital of services – quality customer communications – not realizing that this that can be the main differentiator between one retailer to another. Offering products that appeal and impress is but one (very important) rung in the ladder – providing each customer with their own sense of worth is equally important. Unified communications will ensure that this is the case for Farrow and Ball, not just now, but also further ahead as the company will be adding its retail outlets to the ShoreTel system in 2014.

    ShoreTel’s brilliantly simple solution will enable Farrow and Ball to consistently remain ahead of their competitors – by enabling a personal approach to customer service while utilizing ShoreTel’s enterprise contact center technology. Farrow and Ball has said that its products “have withstood the test of time and the passage of many a fickle fad,” and by coupling these lasting products with the adaptability of ShoreTel’s UC solution, it is in the best position to continue its legacy.

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