Why Public Cloud Makes Sense for Growing Businesses

In this video blog post, Terry McCabe, CTO of Mobile Enterprise, explains why public cloud makes sense for growing businesses. Be sure to check out our companion post for when hybrid cloud makes sense for businesses, The Case for Hybrid Cloud.

From the Video

We see lots of activity today, especially for small and medium businesses where public cloud is a very viable solution. It's fast moving and dynamic and it uses the ubiquitous access to the internet to deliver connectivity and to enable cost-effective services.

Now, for them cloud is transformative for their business. They don't necessarily have a premise, they certainly don't have an IT department that's going to maintain something. Cloud gives them the ability to get up and running quickly, to deploy new services quickly and easily, and as they expand their business to reach out to the employee base wherever they are using whatever internet connectivity is available or using mobile connectivity where that's appropriate.

The other part about this, and we've seen this with our team collaboration offering, is you start solving a problem with unified communications but you can bring other aspects of cloud and layer those on top of it because when someone's using unified communications today, what they'll be doing in the future is collaborating and the tools for collaboration and the best tools for collaboration are cloud-based.


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