Why ShoreTel Delivered Business Communications to the Apple Watch

    With the Apple Watch about to land on millions of wrists, there have been questions around if the Apple Watch will fit into a business environment and become an additional BYOD component.

    The answer is yes. ShoreTel has recognized the development of the Apple Watch as an opportunity to expand communications to an additional device with plenty of communication potential. Because of this we’ve extended ShoreTel Mobility to the Apple Watch, making it one of the first Unified Communications (UC) applications available for the new device.

    ShoreTel Mobility is our application that allows businesses to easily integrate iPhones, iPads and other devices with their existing phone systems. ShoreTel Mobility for the Apple Watch allows users to easily access commonly used UC functions including their favorites, view call history and unread instant messages and join a meeting, among other things.

    Work is no longer a physical location, but wherever a person may be. So with the Apple Watch, you can be stuck in traffic, at the airport, etc. and if a conference call is about to begin ShoreTel Mobility will notify you on your Apple Watch. To join, simply make one tap and you’re automatically authenticated on the bridge and can participate.

    ShoreTel’s presence on the Apple Watch further extends the idea of “Personal UC”, which is a consistent set of integrated UC services delivered in an intuitive way to any user, on any device, in any location.

    “The new workplace is highly mobile and dictates that users have the ability to collaborate in real time from any location using any tool they wish,” Kerravala said Zeus Kerravala, principal analyst with ZK Research. “The Apple Watch is one more example of a consumer device that employees will bring into the workplace and one more device for IT to manage. With new form factors coming onto the market, Personal UC will become increasingly important because it provides a single user experience that functions seamlessly across all devices.”

    We’re excited to see the new Apple Watch on people’s wrists and watching how communications continue to expand into new places and possibilities. ShoreTel will continue to innovate in the months to come with new ways that help to connect people, wherever they may be, on many devices.

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