Why Unified Communications Must Become Less Complex

    Recently, ShoreTel's Kevin Gavin sat down with Carl Weinschenk of Unified Communications Edge and shared some thoughts in a podcast about how communications complexity continues to create a massive burden on business today.

    A recent survey conducted among IT professionals highlighted something that ShoreTel has known from the day the company was founded: IP-based communications have to be brilliantly simple to successfully align with business goals.

    Complexity costs money. It stifles innovation. It obstructs productivity. It confuses and frustrates workers, and it drains vast resources.

    If you’re in any doubt about how complexity may be inhibiting your ability to effectively conduct business, listen to the podcast and hear about the challenges of many IT professionals today.

    To learn more about how ShoreTel’s all-in-one solution can ensure you beat complexity, call your local ShoreTel reseller and request a demo today.


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