Why Virtualization Could Be the Key to Your Holiday Hiring Crisis

    As you read this, retailers are frantically hunting for new hires to attain top talent for this year’s quickly approaching holiday shopping season. You might even be one of them. This “most wonderful time of the year” translates to an overflow of applications and resumes for retailers nationwide. They all seem to face the same familiar roadblock every year: they have a great need to hire big for the holidays, but no capacity to support the onslaught of seasonal staff.

    Brands are planning to hire bigger than ever over the next few months. In fact, it was just revealed that Amazon is currently on the prowl for 70,000 full-time workers to support increased demand during the 2013 holiday season, representing a 40 percent increase from last year’s hiring spree.

    Before you begin anxiously pacing the floor, remember that there’s a simple yet powerful solution: Virtualization.

    Make virtualization your advantage

    As we explained in a previous post, virtualization software enables you to turn one computer into several by running multiple operating systems on one physical machine, where each “computer” can run simultaneously on different servers (i.e. Linux, Windows), that are readily available for use.

    If you’re looking to onboard a slew of new hires but aren’t sure how to physically handle the increase— perhaps that branch office isn’t ready for use yet or you’re on the smaller side and have yet to expand—virtualization software can expand your customer service team easily to avoid the headaches.  

    The benefits of virtualization are plenty. For instance, it enables you to manage unified communications and collaboration (UCC) solutions across your entire workforce just like any other business application in your virtualized data center, regardless of where your hires happen to be working. Virtualization means faster system deployment, mass provisioning and one single business continuity plan and comprehensive management strategy. Click here to learn more about Mitel’s data center and desktop virtualization solutions now.


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