Why We Built M5 Business SMS for Salesforce

    Are you reading this on your iPhone/Pad or Blackberry? Statistics say there's a good chance that you are. Communicating with mobile devices isn't just a trend, it's a fundamental shift in the way people connect.  There are already twice as many mobile phones in the US as landlines, with 25% of households having given up landlines altogether. Next year, smartphone shipments are expected to outpace PCs and  it's estimated that 8 Trillion text messages will be sent this year. That's "Trillion", with a "T".

    Businesses are beginning to respond to this significant change in consumer behavior but many of the resources available to them aren't very efficient or useful. Current services that integrate text messaging into customer facing business processes are clunky.  Why should you have one number for voice interaction and a different one for text? It's confusing and reduces the effectiveness of text communications. Receiving a text messages from an unknown number or a shortened SMS code looks like text spam; you should be able to send from a real phone number.  In addition, messages that are sent from mobile devices or applications outside of the CRM system are difficult to record, manage and review for quality.

    That’s why M5 has partnered with Bluewolf to help organizations integrate this powerful technology into their Salesforce.com managed support process.  M5 phone system users can send and receive text messages using their office phone number, eliminating the need to utilize personal mobile devices.  What’s more, we have integrated with Salesforce.com’s Service Cloud so that cases can be generated from incoming text messages.  When a mobile number matches a contact in Salesforce.com, the SMS activity is associated with the contact and a case is created.

    We know our customers will find innovative ways to serve their customers through the powerful channel of SMS messaging.  Texting is ideal for service issues, order status updates, appointment confirmations, purchase authorizations or for just asking if now is a good time to talk.  With Generation Y’s preference for texting (the average teenager sends 3,000 text messages a month), its importance to business will only continue to grow.  We’re proud to be leading the way.

    And if you’re at Dreamforce this year, please stop by and come take a look!

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