Why Your Business Phone System Needs UCC Support

    When you think of business communications, do you think a phone and email? These are two important components, but there is a plethora of additional capability that can help your business be more efficient and productive.

    Unified communications and collaboration combines real-time (IM, video conferencing) and non-real-time (email, fax) communications services with collaboration tools, such as audio, video and Web conferencing. A study by market research firm Dimension Data showed that 78 percent of IT decision-makers currently have a UCC strategy and budget in place. 

    Not sure where to start?
    See how Mitel can help boost your UCC strategy.

    When it comes to UCC, the first thing that should come to mind is your business phone system. Why? Consider if your business phone system is empowered by productivity enhancing features like click-to-dial, incoming caller ID pop-ups, PC-based missed calls and personal directory integration. If you’re not supporting your business phone system with UCC capabilities, then you’re creeping toward being within the 22 percent of companies who are already behind in the game.

    The time is now to begin ensuring improved efficiency and a tangible return on your communications investment. Unified communications and collaboration is the key to unlocking this guarantee.

    Not sure where to start? See how Mitel can help boost your UCC strategy.


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