Will Nomophobia Put You on The Shrink’s Couch?

    Nomophobia just might put you on the shrink’s couch one day!

    According to a February 2012 study*, 66% of people suffer from varying degrees of nomophobia – the fear of being without a working cellphone. This near-debilitating side effect of today’s constantly connected culture isn’t yet listed on the National Institute of Mental Health’s website as a common phobia but if the survey sample is statically accurate, this modern day phobia could quickly overtake the 10 most common phobias that plague our society today. Snakes, spiders, dogs, germs and high places will no longer have the top spots!

    If you obsessively check your phone, constantly worry about losing it even when it’s in a safe place, frequently top-off your battery and never turn it off, you can be officially classified as having nomophobia. Young adults, aged between 18 and 24 are the most nomophobic at 77%, with those aged 25 to 34 falling in second place at 68% and more surprisingly, the 55 and over crowd came in third.

    At ShoreTel, we love to hear how obsessive people are about their on-the-go connection but we don’t want that love to turn to fear within the enterprise. ShoreTel Mobility can ease this one a bit given enterprise data can easily be wiped without impacting personal information should mobile phones go missing and battery life is preserved as part of our app.

    What other technologies might result in phobias down the road and how might this impact the enterprise? Let us hear from you.

    *Survey conducted by digital security firm SecurEnvoy.

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