Winter Storms Drive Need for Robust 911 App

    Winter is fast approaching and with it, winter storms. In California, the four-year drought has residents on high alert for the El Niño forecast that promises to drench the water-starved state. While rain is much needed across the western coastal region, there’s concern that a huge downpour could quickly become dangerous. Schools, retirement centers, amusement parks, airports and motels are on high alert to protect their populations from flooding and other critical situations. In order to keep organizations safe, it helps to have a reliable emergency notification system that moves first responders into action quickly and identifies where they are needed most.

    In order to better respond to critical situations, organizations are adding an invaluable emergency notification system app that works in tandem with e911. Employees can easily call emergency centers over the IP system by dialing 911, and an emergency notification app ensures that key personnel can coordinate the in-house emergency preparedness response. The app also provides critical location information about employees calling for assistance. Think of the app as one more tool in a disaster preparedness kit.

    When the “code blue” call comes in due to a poisonous gas alert, fire or some other dangerous event, the emergency notification app sends an audible desktop alert and phone calls ripple out to all internal responders and employees. The alerts are site-specific so that if the organization has offices in multiple locations, the information can be customized to relay the need-to-know details for each individual site.

    For employees who feel they are in danger, calls into the IP system identify them by name and extension, as well as site and physical location, so first responders can locate them quickly. In-house responders can stay abreast of new and important details as they become available by communicating in real time with one another. They also can leverage an integrated call log of code-blue and emergency-related activities to understand all of the incoming information.

    To further beef up the disaster preparedness plan, ShoreTel Emergency Gateway, an on-site appliance, helps companies meet their e911 obligations. The Emergency Gateway identifies the precise location of callers based on the phone’s MAC address and delivers it to the 911 Enable Emergency Routing Service or the local carrier to transmit to the public safety center. The ShoreTel VoIP system and the Emergency Gateway work in tandem to route calls from ShoreTel phones to Public Safety Answering Points across the nation.

    ShoreTel offers the emergency app and the emergency gateway appliance so that organizations can convey the critical information that helps prevent dangerous situations from becoming deadly.

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