Wireless data at 1.5Gbps?

    A 30 gbps wireless connection sound good?

    That would certainly allow for the application of the “throw bandwidth at it to solve all performance problems” principle to wireless (WLAN) networks, which is so effectively used on the wired Ethernet front.

    Real-time applications over 802.11 Wireless LANs (WLANs) such as voice (“VoFi”) – used in business VoIP phone systems – are especially sensitive to WLAN bandwidth and latency.

    Issues with these attributes can lead to intermittent availability, voice quality problems, etc. While the gigabit-over-wireless would most likely solve these, we are stuck with the current megabit speeds until (if?) this amazing promise becomes a reality.

    The solution today is to characterize WLAN networks and fine-tune as needed to support these real-time applications.

    ShoreTel now offers a WLAN Assessment Service tailored specifically to evaluate the suitability of customer WLAN networks for real-time VoIP applications transport. The service helps identify potential problem areas related to these two common WLAN attributes.

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