[WORKSHEET] Give Your IVR a Second Look

    If you’re a fast-growing business looking to improve profit margins without adding headcount or diminishing the customer experience, don’t overlook one tool you may already have in place… your IVR.

    IVR technologies have come a long way since their first introduction to the marketplace in the 1980s. More than 30 years later, an IVR is a commonplace tool that many companies use to manage calls. In fact, for many organizations, an IVR serves as the gateway to their business.

    Despite the key role an IVR can play as a first touch point for customers, many organizations tend to overlook it as a competitive tool to help differentiate their business. Yet, by giving this establish office tool a second look, you can ensure that you’re giving callers what they need in the most efficient way possible – a capability that has become increasingly more important as more and more customers seek on-demand services and self-service options.

    Use our IVR Evaluation Worksheet to take a fresh look at your current technology and identify what you can do to improve upon the experiences of those calling into your company. To download and/or print the worksheet click here.

    ShoreTel IVR Evaluation Worksheet