Would you personally buy what you sell?

    Written by Jim Kanir

    Over the years of working in software and high technology industries, I have sold, or supervised the sale of, many millions of dollars of services and equipment. Some sales were easy; others difficult. But last month, I made the most important sale of my life to the toughest customer: my wife, Karen.

    Karen is opening her own Allstate Insurance Agency. Voice is the lifeblood of the insurance game and is especially vital to new businesses where every customer, every call, is crucial. We had access to a Nortel PBX, but when we considered maintenance costs, expandability, reliability, and all the other phone system characteristics I talk about at work every day, I knew we had a no-brainer decision to make.

    This new Allstate Agency is now one of M5's newest customers. And unlike many salespeople that would never buy what they sell, I have  peace of mind that my family's business is in great hands. With the new M5 system, the Agency has advantages that most larger, more established businesses can't match. It wasn't the lowest initial cost option, but it does give us the best chance for early success.  

    So was it uncomfortable or risky to buy M5? To the contrary. After weighing the same factors my customers do, and knowing I was going to be paying the monthly bill myself, I couldn't have been more confident in the decision. With the reliability and advanced functionality of M5, my wife has taken much of the risk out of her growing business. And looking at M5 from the "other side of the desk" has made me even more proud of my company.

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