Xima Software Compliments ShoreTel Phone Systems

    In preparation for the upcoming ShoreTel One Champion Partner Conference, we’re highlighting some of our partners who will be in attendance. The following post comes from Xima Software, a provider of call reporting solutions available for ShoreTel phone systems

    Call reporting solutions are a powerful tool for modern phone systems. They allow an organization to monitor, track, report, record and more.

    While other call reporting solutions are available for ShoreTel phone systems, we believe Xima Software’s award-winning flagship solution, Chronicall, goes above and beyond the competition. Chronicall offers revolutionary features designed to overcome the limitations of traditional call history and reporting software, and it does so by connecting directly to the phone system and logging everything that happens on each call, from the moment it starts to the second it ends. Chronicall’s user interface is highly intuitive and user friendly, and it also comes with unlimited supervisor logins.

    Xima seeks to offer our business partners and end customers the best solution on the market, which includes customer support. By including Xima Software’s support package, Xima Care, your customers can engage Xima directly, receive unlimited training and software upgrades, without taking up your technicians time. The following are some customer examples.

    “Besides their quality product, we’ve been impressed by Xima’s customer service. Their customer service and business development teams have really gone above and beyond to make sure that we are happy customers and we’ve since formed a valuable business relationship with Xima.” – Boostability

     “Xima Support is the main reason they use Xima software… If we ever have a question, we get the support we need. They help us examine the data and understand the information it is giving us. We know the information is accurate and can trust the data it is giving us.” – Austin Pain Associates

    “Chronicall allows us to get a quick turnaround to our customers requests. Before, when the client needed us to review a call, it was a complicated process to find the call and understand what happened. Now with Chronicall, the process is almost immediate. We can now see when the call came in and what exactly happened on the call. We didn’t have this level of visibility with our old platform.” – iCorp

    These are just a few examples out of the thousands of Chronicall installations worldwide. With a simple and attractive interface, a flexible licensing model, and little to no phone system configuration required, Chronicall is easy to deploy and scale. This easy to use software tool will enable you to beat the competition and win more business. To find out more about Xima Software please visit us online at www.ximasoftware.com or call 888-944-9462.