You Have a Lot Riding on Your Contact Center

    Remember that popular television ad from the 1980’s that reminded drivers how much is ‘riding on your tires’? The message resonated because its premise is simple – when there is a lot at stake, don’t leave things to chance. Businesses that rely on MiContact Center are a little bit like the drivers targeted by this advertisement – they have a lot riding on the successful operation of their contact center.  The recent launch of MiContact Center Business/Enterprise 7 with next generation multimedia capabilities highlights the growing role multi-channel contact centers now play in revenue growth and customer retention.

    Typically the customer’s first touchpoint with the company, the contact center is the hub for incoming voice calls, web chats, emails and social media from customers. It’s where problems are addressed, sales are made and upgrades are purchased. Downtime for contact centers can damage a service reputation that’s taken years to build, and cause significant revenue losses. Increasingly, IT staff managing MiCC systems are not leaving it to chance – they are deploying Mitel Performance Analytics, software that offers complete, 24/7 monitoring of the system, ensuring that downtime is averted. Here’s what you can expect from Mitel Performance Analytics when it comes to MiContact Center reliability:

    Secure Remote Access for Troubleshooting

    IT staff typically cite the difficulty in easily identifying the source of a network problem. Mitel Performance Analytics gives deep visibility into MiCC and other components of the Mitel Unified Communications(UC) system, such as MiVoice Business, MiVoice Office and MiCollab, from anywhere in the world. That means fast identification of issues, without the cost of onsite visits.

    24/7 Performance and Availability Monitoring

    Contact Centers are complex, with multiple components delivering voice, web, messaging, and other capabilities. Mitel Performance Analytics keeps a watchful eye around the clock, including the critical auto attendant IVR system and third party call recorders such as Redbox and Oaisys. Mitel Performance Analytics monitors key metrics for these systems, including voice quality, availability and reachability.

    Alerts in Real-Time

    As Mitel Performance Analytics monitors the MiCC system, it will trigger an alert if configured thresholds are maximized or breached. This design allows the IT professional to receive early warning of issues before they can cause any downtime. Delivered in real-time by email, SMS or Twitter, alerts are key in preventing MiCC downtime.

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