Is Your Business Phone System Ready for the Holiday Season?

    The holidays are often a trying time for business communications. Your employees and clients may be out of the office or traveling, but business communications don’t take time off. Does your business phone system have these two essential components for the upcoming holiday season?

    1. Mobile flexibility

    Working during the holiday season means working more flexibly. You never know where your most valued employees might be headed; it could be two towns over or flying around the world. So make sure you extend exceptional mobile support to keep your entire workforce completely connected. In addition to basics like mobile extensions and hot desking, your mobile support checklist should include:

    • Unified messaging: Your employees can access office voice mails and messages anywhere and at anytime.
    • Presence: Information is updated automatically based on location, calendar and time of day so that managers, customers and colleagues always know when, where and how to best reach remote workers.

     2. Collaboration

    As much as we loathe to admit it, sometimes we have to work a little even when we intend to be off. This might mean hopping onto a conference call with an international client while at home, or needing to review a document for finalization thousands of miles from the office. Make sure you have the collaborative business phone features that will ensure your workforce is connected, dynamic and always team-centric, including:

    • Voice
    • Video calling
    • Instant messaging
    • Web collaboration
    • Find-me/follow-me

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