Is your communications system a clunker?

    We’ve all heard about the U.S. government’s Car Allowance Rebate System, or “CARS” program, better known as “cash for clunkers,” where citizens are given an incentive to trade in their “clunkers” for newer, more fuel-efficient models in an effort to stimulate the economy and help the environment.

    Some technology companies have gone so far as to launch their own “cash for clunkers” initiatives, for instance enabling companies to trade in their legacy business software and related hardware in return for a “rebate” on other new solutions.

    Indeed, technologies of the past may not necessarily be the best solutions for modern situations; by nature, legacy products can be somewhat cumbersome and expensive. So it’s no surprise that the most agile companies seek the best solutions to suit their current needs.

    In today’s current economic climate, however, customers must see money savings (the “cash”) and significantly better margins in order to justify a switch from their old “clunky” technologies to new and innovative solutions.

    To help organizations preserve capital while reducing costs, ShoreTel has partnered with leading financial service companies to offer financing options that help make the purchase easy.

    In a time when technology is burdening businesses with expensive complexity, ShoreTel stands out for its simplicity, offering an IP communication solution that is easy to install, manage, scale and use. Combine brilliantly simple solutions with flexible finance programs and the result is more cash and absolutely no clunkers!

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