Your Customers Are Already Holiday Shopping. Is Your Contact Center Ready for Them?

    Sure, you’ve probably heard plenty of stories about hordes of last-minute shoppers braving the malls on Christmas Eve. Heck, maybe you were even among them once or twice. But contrary to popular belief the majority of seasonal shoppers aren’t actually filling their carts—physically or virtually—at the last minute. In fact, one-third of holiday shoppers get going before September. 

    That means a good chunk of your customers are likely already shopping for their loved ones. For the retail sector, this means calls coming in during peak times full of inquiries about products, shipping and more. Here are two quick tips to keep communications flowing within the contact center during this year’s impending holiday season.

    Stay mobile-centric. Seventy percent of smartphone owners surf the Web while shopping in stores. They’re showing images of products to in-store associates and inquiring about online inventory for items that may be sold out in-store. Customers who have your company’s credit card may even call into your credit card hotline while waiting to check out to see how much credit they have left. Your contact or customer service center needs to boast strong mobile support to meet this demand.

    Keep your website fully integrated. Research shows that your customers are online more than ever for holiday shopping, and the majority of all contact center interactions are preceded by a website interaction. Since 89 percent of consumers start their holiday shopping online, you need to ensure your website is fully integrated with advanced contact center offerings like live chat, click-to-call and co-browsing, so that your online-savvy customers are fully satisfied. 

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