Is your IP phone one in a million?

    Passing the one million phone shipment milestone is not just a noteworthy business achievement for ShoreTel, but it’s also a testament to the quality and value of the product.

    When ShoreTel engineers set out to design an IP phone for the ShoreTel system, their mission was to create a telephone that users would love. They understood that the success of any new technology depends largely on how easy and pleasant it is to use.

    They also recognized that employees are typically the most expensive asset in any company. Giving them communication tools that not only help improve responsiveness and productivity, but that they actually enjoy using, is essential for delivering business value in today’s constantly connected world.

    So they designed for multiple factors, including ergonomics, aesthetics, sound quality, comfort, and ease of management. All ShoreTel IP phones are also compliant with the American Disabilities Act, meeting the ADA Standard for Accessible Design.

    Starting with the original ShoreTel IP 210, 530 and 560 models, the family of ShoreTel IP phones complements the ShoreTel Call Manager application suite, and offers phone-centric users easy access to ShoreTel’s fleet of brilliantly simple yet powerful IP features.

    How do our customers love ShoreTel? Let me count the ways … there are at least a million of them!

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