Your Next Business Phone System: 10 Dynamics That Should Dictate Your Decision

    You want to replace or at least upgrade your current business phone system, but with so many choices in the marketplace today, the process can be a bit overwhelming.

    Do you stick with an onsite system, make the leap to the cloud, or take a blended approach via a hybrid solution? Before you begin researching all the options available in the marketplace today, start first with a clear understanding of your current and future business needs. Below are 10 business dynamics to consider as you begin your search for a unified communications solution that will be the best fit for your business:

    1. Control – Is it important for you to have direct control over your phone system, or are you willing to let others oversee it?

    2. Cost – Are you looking for more predictability in your costs and/or looking to move from a CapEx to an OpEx model? Are you being asked to do more with less?

    3. Mobility – Do a number of your employees work in remote offices or often work from the road? Does everyone have access to the same communications features?

    4. Scalability – Does your business experience seasonal changes? Do you have the need to scale up or down quickly?

    5. Security – How do you currently ensure data and accessibility security, and how would you like to address those issues in the future?

    6. Compliance – Is regulatory compliance a key component of your business?

    7. Locations – Do you have more than one location, or employees who work from remote locations? Do you or will you have any international operations?

    8. Support – Do you have trained staff onsite, no matter the location, who can manage and troubleshoot the system?

    9. Flexibility – Do you require a system that adapt to your business needs over time and also one that can be integrated with other apps already in place?

    10. Deployment – Is speed of deployment and the ability to quickly install new releases important to you?

    Telecom analyst Jon Arnold explores these considerations and more in a new webinar entitled, “Onsite, Cloud or Hybrid: Assessing Deployment Options for Unified Communications". If you’re interested in gaining new insights to help you to determine the best UC fit for your business, watch the webinar now.

    Take the Best Fit Assessment

    With all the options available today, there’s no time like the present to give your phone system a second look. Today’s unified communications (UC) technologies go beyond telephony by seamlessly integrating applications used by workers every day, no matter their device or location. UC solutions can improve collaboration, productivity and overall business performance, so choosing the deployment model that will best meet your needs is key.

    If you’re struggling with which option to choose – onsite, cloud or hybrid – take our Best Fit assessment. Learn which deployment option might be your best fit when it comes to a new phone system. Completion of the assessment will automatically qualify you for a drawing to win an Amazon Echo valued at $180.


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