Your Phone in The Cloud, What Does it Mean to Your Business?

    Being mobile goes far beyond simply being accessible - true mobility means staying connected to the data you need.

    In today’s professional environment, no matter what your position, you are expected to be available, and to be in the know with all aspects of communication. Information comes to you, where you are, as quickly as possible. This includes access to all contacts, the ability to make and receive calls in a professional manner, and the expectation that all employees whether stationary or mobile are to have full-power communications at their finger tips, the only way to achieve this is to be In-The-Cloud.

    M5 brings the power of The Cloud to your company. Served without PBX, without traditional wiring costs, and with the speed you've come to expect. It's one system deployed for both grounded and mobile employees.

    M5 Networks' CEO, Dan Hoffman, Interviewed About Clients, Services


    Jan. 25 (Bloomberg) -- Dan Hoffman, chief executive officer of M5 Networks, talks about the company's clients. Hoffman also discusses cloud computing and M5's services. He speaks with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)




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