Zombies and your phone system

    In the case of a zombie attack, we all know that the first thing to do is to have an emergency kit ready () and of course, to aim for the head. But what do you do to protect your business? The answer is to put your phones in the cloud. Here are a few reasons why a cloud based phone system like the one M5 provides, can save your business (and you) in the case that the dead start walking the earth.

    • You’d be able to hide in the closet, because you wouldn’t have a PBX taking up valuable space.

    • While you are on the run, you can route calls from your desk phone to your cell phone or any other number with Find Me Follow Me and other mobility apps.

    • You can change your Auto Attendant to provide disaster relief information for your customers in a matter of seconds.

    • M5 owns our own softswitch. This means we can make it do anything, from integrating with your CRM to sending you the latest in zombie news to your phone.

    • You can incorporate your M5 Callfinity Contact Center to support the incoming distress calls with skill based routing.

    • Are the sounds of zombies pounding on the door outside making it difficult to hear the party on the other line? No problem, send and receive texts with SMS for business.

    • If this whole Zombie things lasts for a while, your staff can work from anywhere with remote workforce tools.

    • Your IT guy doesn’t just know how to get rid of your windows errors; he’s an expert at zombie survival. Since he won’t have to worry about configuring your premise based phones, he’ll be able to save your entire office.

    For more information on how M5 can help your business avoid a Zombie Apocalypse, contact one of our zombie experts today for a free business impact analysis.

    Happy Halloween!

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