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Application Integrations | April 30, 2018

Let’s take a closer look at how integration helps schools exceed parent expectations for more effective and personalized communications.

Digital Transformation | April 27, 2018

Five questions to ask to determine which cloud environment – public, private or hybrid – makes the most sense for your company.

Application Integrations | April 23, 2018

What’s the first stop on the itinerary for today’s travelers? Online review sites. Before they book their next trip, consumers inevitably read what others have to say about your hotel properties. In fact, it’s a near-universal activity. According to research by Cornell University, 93 percent of travelers use online reviews before choosing a hotel.

Hospitality management knows all too well the impact this can have on reservations and their average daily room rate.

April 20, 2018

What’s on your phone? Today’s personal devices have an app for everything, from tracking fitness to recording meals to improving mindfulness. In 2018, Accenture reported that 75 percent of consumers believe technology is important to managing their health. And almost half – 48 percent – use health-related mobile or tablet apps, a dramatic rise from 2014’s 16 percent.

Digital Transformation | April 18, 2018

Hospitality brands ensure a positive customer experience when they leverage technology that enhances personalization at key moments of the traveler’s journey.


Inspiring university alumni, local groups and partners to donate requires a contact center solution that streamlines a personalized customer experience.

Digital Transformation | April 13, 2018

Cloud communications is transforming businesses every day due to its flexibility and scalability.

IoT & M2M | April 11, 2018

Giving machines a voice in field services opens a world of possibility, including efficiency improvements and new revenue streams.

Digital Transformation | April 09, 2018

Retailers can ensure higher customer satisfaction by getting employees and suppliers on the same page. That means investing in collaboration technology.


Poor patient-to-provider communications translates into higher costs and lower profit for healthcare providers. But technology improves the customer experience.

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