Business Phones & Devices

Connections made easy

There's more than one type of person in a business, so we think there should be more than one type of phone. From power users to collaborative conference rooms and casual users to remote workers, you deserve devices that fit your users' - and your business's - needs, on whichever platform you use.


Top Benefits of Our Portfolio of Business Phones & Devices

Phones as Unique as Your Users

Devices tailored for different skill levels and roles for greater efficiency and effectiveness.


Consistent improvement and intuitive controls make using Mitel devices a breeze, even to the uninitiated.

Compatible with Top Platforms

No walled gardens here. Phones and devices that work with a variety of communication systems, like BroadSoft or Metaswitch, with complete functionality.

Enable Collaboration

Make it easier for you and your team to connect, collaborate and get things done. Think of our devices as turbo boosters for communciation.