Clearspan Trademark Use Specifications

Clearspan Trademark Use Specifications

List of trademarks to which these guidelines apply

Clearspan and the Clearspan logo with and without the tagline ("The Future Connected")
The guidelines for the graphic use of Mitel's various Trademarks in connection with any and all use in the distribution and sale of Products are available from Mitel's marketing department (

When Licensee uses registered trademark logos listed above, the logos should be used when applicable in the manner illustrated below for proper spacing.

Licensee shall, in all marketing, advertising, packaging and promotional and instructional literature:
always use the Trademarks as proper adjectives modifying the common descriptive terms, e.g., "Clearspan® telephone sets", "Clearspan® applications"; and
indicate that:
"Clearspan” and the Clearspan logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Mitel in the United States, Canada, European Union and/or other countries.
Other brands and Products are trademarks of their respective holder/s.

All Product information is subject to change without notice.

On the Products, and on signage used at trade shows or at Licensee’s office, Licensee shall not be required to use the common descriptive term that follows the trademark, so long as Licensee uses: "Clearspan®".

Licensee shall, on all advertising and promotional material relating to the Products place an asterisk by the Trademarks and cause the following expression to appear as a legend: “Registered trademark (or trademarks) of Mitel Networks Corporation, licensed to <<Name of Licensee>>."

Licensee shall not use the Trademarks in the possessive or as nouns nor shall it pluralize or abbreviate the Trademarks.

Licensee shall conform its use of the Trademarks to other rules provided in writing to Licensee from time to time