Allstream IP Trunking provides enterprise access to the PSTN using an IP connection between a UC system and the Allstream IP core. It primarily uses SIP as the signaling protocol but it can also interwork with H.323.

The connection is designed to handle both data and voice traffic for connecting to the PSTN and inter-office voice communication, deploying end to end across our IP core network with CoS prioritization to ensure real time delivery of voice to the PSTN and over the customer’s WAN.

This eliminates the need for dedicated lines to connect to the PSTN, extends the customer LAN out to the PSTN via one service provider across the country and eliminates the need to use trunk gateways to convert IP voice to TDM toward the PSTN.


Virtual DIDs across Canada
Dedicated outbound trunks to alternate rate centres
Load balancing between customer end points
Overflow and Failover between customer end-points
Offered on either MPLS or Internet accesses with CoS


Reduce Cost
Improve productivity
Increase business flexibility
Accelerate Return on Investment

Allstream App Note ST 14.2 Native

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