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Have you ever wanted to use the Internet for WAN connectivity for a ShoreTel deployment? CPI Telecom's SD-WAN solution allows you to move away from MPLS and still have business quality voice using standard internet connections. Traditionally the Internet was unable to support voice. Now, with our unique solution, we can utilize the Internet and maintain QOS requirements adhering to tolerances of loss, delay and jitter, and even support the stringent requirements of TMS - The heartbeat of a ShoreTel system!

CPI Telecom is a lab tested and approved SD-WAN solution with the ability to concurrently use multiple Internet providers while supporting active calls on ShoreTel phones, ShoreTel contact center phones, and even ShoreTel switches. CPI Telecom has been in business for 20 years. Contact us to see how we can help you help your customers, or potential customers, save money and buy more ShoreTel!!


Fully developed SD-WAN solution in place at thousands of sites today

Completely bonded use of any circuit type - MPLS or Internet including DSL, Cable and Cellular from any provider

Includes embedded firewall and Wi-Fi Access Point

Complete business policy adherence including limiting use of metered circuits (typically LTE/Cell) for applications such as Microsoft Update and Netflix

Application control and bandwidth usage

Remediation for voice and video traffic over imperfect connections

Full graphical management platform with reporting and visibility to all traffic


Proactively monitored with immediate alerting of any link failure or degradation via email and SMS

Zero downtime resiliency between active-active bonded connections

Cloud gateways with load balancing - not just session and thread load balancing but fully bonded connections

Use MPLS savings to fund new technology deployments

CPI Telecom SD-WAN

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