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First Communications is a leading technology solutions provider offering data networking, voice, and managed services throughout the Midwest. Founded in 1998, First Communications network has grown to include more than 600 on-net wire centers and supports over 35,000 customers.

Headquartered in Akron, Ohio and a 24x7x365 Network Management Center in Chicago, First Communications is dedicated to pairing effective customer communications with next generation technology.

We create solutions to align with your business objectives, while our built-in scalability accommodates for the future. Combined with a strong focus on the customer experience and operational expertise, First Communications bridges technology with world class customer service

Pooling – This feature allows for the capability of the total CCS to be shared across multiple locations, not restricting the number of CCS to a specific site.
Failover - This feature allows for inbound calls to route to an alternative trunk group on the First Communications network when there is down service. This feature also will route inbound calls that are above the CCS capacity to an alternate trunk group on the First Communications network.
Call Forward Not Reachable - This feature allows for a call to be forwarded at the DID level to any phone number on or off the First Communications network.
Load Balancing - This feature allows for the customer to determine the per CCS split they want by percentage on a trunk group. A customer can set up to 5 trunk groups to split the traffic.
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