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IngateĀ® Systems is proud to continue to be the Session Border Controller offered by ShoreTel for interoperability assurance, routing among multiple ShoreTel PBXs, and managing multiple IP addresses for service provider redundancy. Ingate SIParatorĀ® E-SBCs do much more including NAT traversal, security, intrusion prevention, diagnostics for troubleshooting and many other features only available on a true E-SBC. Ingate products are available as hardware or software. Ingate also offers an economical Small Business Edition to ShoreTel customers.

Installed as part of the DMZ of an existing firewall or as a standalone SIP-only firewall solution
Near and far-end NAT/Firewall traversal of SIP traffic
Extensive SIP Routing to ease the deployment of SIP Trunks
Interoperability functions between the ShoreTel IP-PBX and service provider networks
Compliance with the SIPconnect standard for SIP Trunking

Adoption of SIP without replacing the enterprise firewall
Enable enterprises using the ShoreTel IP-PBX to connect to service providers' SIP Trunks
Maintain the security and protection of the enterprise network, including the ShoreTel IP-PBX
Solutions to fit any enterprise regardless of size
Ability to encrypt signaling and media for privacy

Ingate Enterprise Session Border Controllers (E-SBCs): Product Sheet

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