Integra’s SIP Trunking service combines voice and data over a single connection enabled by our extensive IP network. By connecting our service directly to your IP-PBX, you lower equipment costs and eliminate protocol conversion, improving the throughput of your network.

SIP Trunking features include:
Multiple Access Options
Dynamic Compression
Unlimited Calling
SIP Pooling for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
Directory Listing
Local Number Portability
E911 Support

Enhance your services with these optional features:
Long Distance Bundles
Remote Locations (Two-Way)
Market Expansion DIDs (In-bound)
Call Redirection and Failover
Caller ID Name and Number
Traditional voice handoffs including PRI and Business Lines

Dynamic, Integrated Service – Allocate bandwidth dynamically for data services when your network is not used for voice traffic with Integra’s SIP Trunking service. Our service integrates your voice and data traffic and eliminates the expense of separate networks, while providing a standard platform for current and future multimedia applications.
Flexible and Scalable – Meet bandwidth demands today and into the future with speeds from 1.5 Mbps to 1 Gbps. Our flexible voice options provide the foundation for unified communications while also supporting your legacy phone system with PRI and Business Lines.
Managed Quality of Service (QoS) – With SIP Trunking, Integra provides managed Quality of Service (QoS) to prioritize clear, reliable voice with up to double the amount of calls with compression.
Always Operational – SIP Pooling allows you to share sessions from other trunks, across multiple locations to keep you functioning in the event of a site failure or an immediate need for more call paths.


Integra App Note ST 14.2 with Ingate

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