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Layered Solutions is an experienced mass notification and emergency management solutions provider that makes communications to multiple people in an emergency or on an ordinary day, virtually automatic.  Our Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) solutions utilize a multi-modal approach to reaching recipients, no matter their needs, where they are or what they're doing.  Emergency management plans are activated from one simple browser interface and are pre-programmed messages and instructions reach each and every recipient, including first responders.  Emergency management solutions have applications as daily mass communications tools.

Most solutions require a single piece of software, which translates to small start-up cost.  Solutions are added in layers and as budget allows, integrating with and enhancing existing equipment and systems, including the Shooter Detection System.  Services include:

SMS Texting from Browser Application
PC Alert
Mobile App
Wireless Panic Button
Door and Card Access Integration
Unified Communications and Phone Integration
Fire Panel Integration
Video Display, Digital Signage and Video Paging
Audio Paging Integration
Security Camera Integration
Shooter Detection Systems Integration
Live Camera View
Real-time Building Map
Email, SMS & Pager Integration 
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