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Mutare Software is transforming messaging technology with the giSTT Speech to Text service, which delivers text conversions of your voicemail messages right to your inbox, BlackBerry, PDA or cell phone.

To meet diverse business needs, Mutare offers giSTT as an on-premise solution, or hosted solution. Leveraging the power of break-through telecommunications and Web technology, Mutare applications run on a standalone server tied into the client's existing voice and Internet networks.

That means no need for costly and cumbersome client desktop software, and maintenance, upgrades and customizations are seamless. The giSTT solution is clientless, device agnostic and works with any email system including hosted email.

Five delivery addresses available
SMS delivery available
Web-based administration
Mobile option for any cell phone
Up to three minutes voicemail transcription available

Read voicemail and save time listening
ADA compliant
Respond to voicemail as though it were email
Improve responsiveness to customers
Act on voicemail while in meetings, courtrooms, or loud areas

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