Comms Suite X combines market leading call logging with feature rich call recording and wall software, providing all the tools for complete communications management.

The fully integrated call recording, call logging and wallboard applications that make up Comms Suite X are designed to draw on each other’s functionality, giving you access to more information than before.

Comms Suite X applications share a brand new user interface that makes all of their advanced features easy to learn and use. You can expect Comms suite X to be making a positive contribution to your business from day one.

By bringing all these technologies together into one unified solution, Oak has made complete communications management a practical and economical reality for businesses of all sizes.

Call Recording
Call Reporting
Wallboard Display
Computer Telephony Integration
Agent Evaluation

PCI DSS Compliant
FSA Compliant
Easily scalable solutions
Integration to industry leading CRM products
Mobile recording now available

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