Business Trunking enables you to streamline your telephony infrastructure and reduce the number of lines and calling costs, while allowing the implementation of additional telephony services.

Reduction of connectivity costs and profitability of your data network infrastructure
A uniform, streamlined, optimized telephony infrastructure
Transparency: you keep your existing telephone numbers and acquire a user environment similar to the one you had
Flexibility: you choose the number of voice channels you need and can add or remove them any time as your business evolves
Availability guarantee, thanks to the integration of fixed telephony in your network on the Explore platform

Most of the basic telephony features are supported (caller number display, selective blocking of incoming calls, etc.)
Reporting tool for your voice traffic (number of calls, destinations, quality, etc.)
Protocol supported: SIP
Codec supported: T.38, G.711 and G.729
Call routing and identification to emergency services with identification of the call origin, in accordance with existing regulations
Compatible with VMS Classic (call routing management) and VMS-DRS (Disaster Recovery Solution, a backup solution for your telephony services)

Wireless Office Extended is a fixed-mobile convergent service, which allows you to reduce your telecom costs while benefiting from the advantages of a fixed line on your mobile

Free fixed-to-mobile calls, provided that both the caller and the called party are in Belgium
Free mobile-to-fixed calls and mobile-to-mobile calls between colleagues
A rate similar to the fixed rates for mobile calls to fixed lines in Belgium and abroad
Cheaper SMS messages

Substantial savings: increase the mobility of your employees while reducing your telecom costs
Ease of use: the same features on your mobile as on your fixed phone
More flexibility: the operational management of relocations, new assignments, the recruitment of new employees, the optimization of space used becomes easier to manage
Increased productivity: your employees work more flexible and efficient. They can always be reached at a single number, have a single voicemail and list of phone contacts

Thanks to Wireless Office Extended, you are able to use the flowing features on your mobile phone:

Call Transfer: allows a Wireless Office Extended mobile member to put a caller on hold, call another party, and set up a direct call between these two parties
Conference Call: allows a Wireless Office Extended mobile member to set up a call with several parties simultaneously. A Conference Call can be made with up to five additional parties
Call Forwarding: allows you to redirect calls to another fixed or mobile number or a voicemail box
Handling two simultaneous calls: allows you to:
Ignore an incoming call and forward it to the voicemail box.
End your current call and accept a second call.
Put one call on hold and answer another call.
Abbreviated dialing: All Wireless Office Extended members can use a private numbering plan (PNP) to make calls. Given the legal and technical limitations for using abbreviated numbers, the PNP has to be defined by the customer together with Proximus

Proximus Ingate App Note with ShoreTel Connect Onsite

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