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Red Box Recorders is a global provider of multi-media communication recording solutions that solve technical and complex business challenges in a smart and effective way. The Red Box Quantify Recording Suite is designed to help organisations achieve compliance, monitor quality, perform audio analytics and evaluation of a wide range of data sources including fixed-line and mobile devices, radios, screen recordings, instant messaging and social media.

Trusted by leading companies across the world, Quantify enables organisations to comply with the latest recording regulations, improve customer satisfaction and efficiency while reducing operational costs. It is easy to install and maintain, and can be integrated with communications systems from major vendors. Customers include businesses and organisations in the finance and public safety sectors and leading contact centres.

The Red Box Quantify Recording Suite gives you access to a complete set of voice and data recording applications designed to help your organisation, no matter its size, capture communications and achieve compliance, monitor quality, perform audio analytics and manage calls. Red Box Quantify Suite includes:

Fully scalable from 4 channels to many 1000’s of channels. Supports on-premise, virtual and hosted environments
User friendly interface with built in live monitoring functionality and extensive search capabilities to find the recordings you need fast using custom searches
The smart way to search and analyse the spoken content of voice recordings when you need evidence for investigations, dispute resolution or quality monitoring
Recording of desktop activity across a network, without interfering with the way employees work
Quality Management tool to aid training and encourage your employees to achieve higher service and performance standards
Simply and securely bringing together audio recordings from multiple sources for compliance and investigation needs
Helping merchants to comply with PCI-DSS security standards by suppressing sensitive card payment details from recordings
Identify and reduce the amount of non-business calls across your organisation and save on communication billing costs

The smart choice for voice and data recording solutions
Help organisations achieve regulatory compliance and improve competitiveness, productivity and efficiency
Smart tools to capture, authenticate, analyse and evaluate communications across many different channels
Trusted by companies and organisations in over half of countries across the globe
Quantify is compatible with all leading communication technology platforms and is easy to integrate, with flexible installation options
Red Box’s solution is fully scalable, designed to grow with your business. All data recorded is obfuscated for security, is court admissible, and can be archived securely for as long as you need it to be

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