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RingLeader, Inc. (EtherSpeak) developed SureTrunk specifically for ShoreTel customers of all sizes—enabling them to connect directly to SIP networks. With SureTrunk, ShoreTel customers can now realize all of the benefits of IP-enabled communications free of the burden of additional investments in hardware or firewall/gateways.

The routing of SIP traffic to EtherSpeak’s SureTrunk service is easily set up with a VPN tunnel enabling SureTrunking. The VPN tunnel provides access from the customer ShoreTel switch (where trunks are configured) to a virtual IP assigned by EtherSpeak to the customer’s ShoreTel switch. The customer’s firewall should support industry standard IPSec encryption with availability of one-tunnel VPN license.
ShoreTel requires licensing for SIP trunking to be enabled. Information on licensing is available through your ShoreTel reseller.

Quick setup and activation. Services can be available in hours rather than days or weeks.
Native SIP Trunking. Services can be provided without an “enterprise edge device” such as local public switched telephone network (PSTN) gateways, costly ISDN basic rate interfaces (BRIs) or primary rate interfaces (PRIs).
Scalable. Easily scales to meet changing business requirements.
Nationwide QoS. Ensured Quality-of-Service within network core and all last mile connections with ADSL/SDSL/T1 MPLS. Auto Failover.
Auto rerouting of customer’s PSTN traffic to SIP trunks.

Increased Productivity. IP-enabled communications facilitates collaboration among employees and streamlines work processes.
Affordable. Eliminates the need for expensive BRI and PRI subscriptions.
Quicker ROI. Hosted SIP trunking solution significantly reduces deployment costs and operational expenses.
No Additional Investments Required. Eliminates the need to invest in PSTN gateways and additional line cards as business grows.
Optimize Bandwidth Utilization. Provide both data and voice over the same connection with maximum flexibility in allocating usage.

EtherSpeak App Note with 14.1 - Native and Ingate
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