Syntellect's Customer Interaction Management platform contains an advanced management engine that enables you to control a universal queue of customer interactions of all types, including telephone, IVR, voicemail, email, web chat, web transactions, fax, and agent tasks. This fully featured, contact center offering integrates seamlessly into your business environment, and connects existing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions, and other back-office applications, with your contact center, to give your agents a complete view of customer interactions. The platform delivers true site-independent universal queuing of all communication types across multiple contact centers, routing them to the most appropriate resource that is available.

Multi-media Contact Blending
Interaction Lifecycle History
Multi-site/Virtual Contact Center
Enterprise Class Scalability
Multiple/Unlimited Agent Wrap up Codes

One universal solution for all contact types (voice, email, Web chat, fax, and tasks)
Complete customer transaction history that details all phone calls, emails, chat transcriptions, and faxes that can be integrated with your CRM
All of your locations around the world can act as a single location including remote agents
Tested to handle more than 10,000 agents
Provides capability for enhanced accuracy of customer data for business intelligence leading to improved customer satisfaction

Syntellect CCE-CP Integration Guide ST 14.2
Syntellect CP Integration Guide ST 14.2
Syntellect CCE Integration Guide ST 14.2

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