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“TalkTalk Business NGVS SIP Trunking provides voice connectivity between the End User’s IP-PBX and our network. This ensures inbound and outbound voice calls can be routed using SIP as opposed to traditional ISDN or analogue lines. The benefits of TalkTalk Business NGVS SIP Trunking include potential reduced costs, simplification of the network and free fraud mitigation and resilience options. The routing and SIP control is managed by our network.

SIP Trunking is often positioned as a cost effective and highly functional replacement for ISDN services. As an IP service, it can scale quickly and flexibly from a single line to a large call centre servicing thousands of end users. The service deployment is simple and easy to administer providing quick set up times.

The TalkTalk Business NGVS SIP Trunking is a fully scalable service that will support a single channel through to 5,000 concurrent calls per 1,000 Mbps of available bandwidth. This allows a business to grow and accommodate additional bandwidth for the number of concurrent calls that they anticipate.

TalkTalk Business owns the UK’s largest next generation data network offering the best voice and data across all connectivity types. The SIP trunking service can be provided across multiple TalkTalk Business data circuit types from DSL through to Fibre/EAD circuits. This provides flexibility based on customer requirements where free sip trunks are offered on TalkTalk Business connectivity. SIP Trunking may also be used over data circuits from other Communications Providers.”

Alternative to ISDN30e
Network Resilience
Scalable service
International numbering
Number porting

Free sip trunking with On Net connectivity
Largest UK NGN network
Free fraud & DR services
Online portals for ordering and diagnostics
World SIP – local breakout in 14 countries across Western Europe and the United States

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TalkTalk Business SIP Trunking App Note ST Connect ONSITE

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