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Business Class SIP Trunks offer an IP-based, voice trunk service that uses Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) to connect an IP PBX to the Public Switched Telephone Network. Delivered over our own fiber-rich IP network, our SIP Trunks provide a reliable and secure voice solution where voice traffic is not routed over the public Internet. And since Business Class SIP Trunks are sold by the number of call paths, this service delivers a highly scalable, cost-efficient alternative to traditional voice services. Empower your business to stay competitive by enabling unified communications services and future-proofing your technology.

Leverage Dedicated Voice Bandwidth: Business Class SIP Trunks include dedicated bandwidth for voice calls, so your voice traffic does not compete for bandwidth with your data service.
Keep Your Network Secure: Business Class SIP Trunk traffic remains secure because it does not travel over the public Internet.
Manage Voice Services in Real Time: Our Trunk Admin Portal enables secure access to usage details and reporting capabilities and allows you to configure Alternate
Routing and Trunk Overflow features in real time Control
Long Distance and International Call Charges: Optional Minutes of Use packages are scalable from 3,000 to 100,000 minutes and include long distance and international calling to over 50 of the most popular worldwide calling destinations. Please visit business.twc.com to see the complete list of countries included in the Minutes of Use packages.
Utilize Optional Toll-Free Service: Make it easy for your business contacts and customers to reach you – at no charge to them – with Toll-Free Service options.

Maximize Business Continuity: Alternate Routing enables calls to be received even in the event of a service disruption.
Optimize Productivity: Leverage Trunk Overflow to meet business demands by rerouting overflow calls. Utilize valuable features such as Caller ID, call blocking (e.g., international calling) and Alternate Routing.
Experience Reliability: All traffic is carried over our fiber-rich network, which leverages our highly competitive service-level agreement (SLA) to help ensure reliability with 24/7 proactive monitoring overflow calls. Utilize valuable features such as Caller ID, call blocking (e.g., international calling) and Alternate Routing.
Streamline Billing and Operations: Bundle Internet, Voice, Television, Network Services and Cloud Services with a single-source provider.
Rely on Dedicated Customer Service: Our Technical Specialists are available 24/7/365 to assist you.

TWC Business Class SIP Trunking ST14.2 App Note
TWC Business Class SIP Trunking ST Connect App Note

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