VXTracker Live Voice Management system is the smart solution for wired and wireless communication platforms. Because it is easy to use and web based, it is the choice of small and large organizations that want to track, control and manage their telecom expenses and protect the ever-changing end user experience in communication.

The VXTracker Live Voice Management System focuses on the user’s experience to help manage the communication ecosystem. By understanding the goals of the organization’s communication strategy, we can use the information the Live Voice Management system provides to define, design, integrate, optimize, monitor and manage the technologies that make up the ecosystem.

With over 50% of business calls now being made on cell phones, it is only logical that VXTracker also offers a Cell Phone Analysis & Reporting Service. Control wireless expenses and manage mobility spend with this service that is compatible with all cell phones–feature phones, flip phones, and smartphones.


Call Accounting
ShoreTel Workgroup Historical Reporting
Integrated Desk and Cell Phone reporting
Real-time Performance Monitoring
Real-time Security and Compliance Tracking and Alerting
Real-time and Historical Traffic Studies
Expense Tracking

Manage time-division multiplexing (TDM) to converged (VoIP) migrations
Gain visibility into employee productivity with integrated desk and cell phone reporting
Implement budget and cost controls for communications expenses
Maximize capacity and uptime of your network
Maintain a complete audit trail for compliance and 911 tracking
Receive automated real-time reports via email
Control and manage-telecom expenses and protect the ever-changing end user experience


VXTracker Solution Brief
VXTracker App Note

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