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MaxxConnect is a suite of IP trunking solutions designed to provide clients with service they can’t get from traditional carriers, along with the benefits of next–generation IP based service that allow their businesses to run more efficiently.

MaxxConnect delivers a consistent set of voice services across your enterprise infrastructure, with flexible IP Trunking options for your on–site PBX. MaxxConnect is delivered over virtually any MPLS network, providing the efficiency and economic benefits of network convergence and eliminating the need for local PSTN gateways, and costly PRIs

Dynamic Trunk Pooling
Enhanced Scalability
Virtual DIDs
Business Continuity
Web–based Management

IP trunks are centralized and consolidated on West IPC platform, simplifying the enterprise infrastructure and providing cost efficiencies, meaning you only pay for the capacity needed, versus overbuying voice services from traditional carriers.
Add trunk capacity to any location to meet business growth needs without lengthy installation intervals.
Virtually expand your local footprint, quickly and affordably, by setting up local numbers in remote cities to provide a virtual presence in new market.
Avoid costly outages in times of emergency with call routing functionality from DRS. (DRS is available in the U.S. only)
Gain full control of your enterprise voice services. Our web–based management interface gives you access to real–time call detail reports, ticket tracking and other account administration functions.


West IP App Note ST 14.1 with Ingate

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