Mitel & MLB™ Present London Series™

Learn more about how Mitel’s advanced platform will help power team communications on and off the field during the historic event at London Stadium.

Communications in Baseball

Unlike football, rugby and cricket, baseball coaches and officials rely heavily on communications technology to stay connected. During a game, calls will be made from:

  • Inventory Management

    The clubhouse to the press booth to inform officials of a roster change.

  • Connecting Umpires

    The field to the replay review center in NYC so umpires and officials can connect when the ruling on the field has been challenged.

  • Baseball

    The dugout to the bullpen so coaches can get the right relief pitcher warming up.

  • Clubhouse

    The clubhouse to the dugout to convey important game time information.

With Mitel expanding its MLB™ partnership internationally, it tells us how successful this first season together was and how committed Mitel is to our sport. We’re proud to have Mitel deepen their involvement with MLB™ as part of an important league initiative like the landmark London Series™.

Noah Garden

MLB™, Executive Vice President, Commerce, Major League Baseball™
Helping Major League Baseball™ Make the Right Calls

With 45 years of industry leadership, Mitel helps businesses connect, collaborate and provide better experiences for their customers. When MLB® needed a better way for its 30 teams to communicate, they turned to Mitel.

Mitel provides MLB™ players, coaches and officials with a simple solution for collaboration, ensuring each team can effectively communicate and compete at the highest level. Today, the most important calls in baseball – and business – are made with Mitel.

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From Major League Baseball™ to Olympic coaching, our sports and entertainment customers are achieving great things. Flexible, reliable and simple communications drive the fan and guest experiences our customers need to stay on top. Discover what our sports and entertainment customers have achieved with Mitel.

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Learn how Mitel is elevating the games we all love by providing elite communications services.

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