Mitel IP Solution and Productivity Applications Are A Key Business Enabler for Morris Technology

April 09, 2008

Mitel IP Solution and Productivity Applications Are A Key Business Enabler for Morris Technology

Mitel IP Solution and Productivity Applications Are A Key Business Enabler for Morris Technology

Keeps operating costs low with improved productivity, efficiency

PHOENIX, Arizona

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One of the first tasks Morris Technology faced after being launched in May 2004 was ensuring that it, and its largest customer, Morris Multimedia, could communicate as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible with clients and affiliates around the country. With travel, staffing, and training costs all high and escalating, the company realized that one key to achieving top line goals was to minimize bottom-line costs.

“We looked at a number of enterprise and SMB level of systems and vendors,” said Jim Goodlett, president at Morris Technology, “and all but one only cared about delivering products, not the integrated solutions we and our clients needed. Mitel stood apart, with an integrated solutions focus, and a price performance ratio that meant we could achieve both the increased functionality, and the value we needed with quick return on investment.”

Morris Technology’s first IP communications implementation covered its corporate facility with a Mitel 3300 IP Communications Platform (ICP) and Mitel IP phones. The entire solution paid for itself in just six months. Similarly impressive ROIs have been achieved for five subsequent IP implementations across the country, all based on the 3300 ICP.

“Jim Goodlett and the Morris companies understand that IP communications can deliver much more than just voice functionality,” said Rick Dell, U.S. president, sales, Mitel. “It has to integrate seamlessly into the way we communicate and do business from anywhere, anytime. Mitel IP solutions deliver on this vision, and empowers our customers to achieve higher levels of productivity, enhance customer satisfaction, minimize operational costs, and help drive revenue.”

An applications suite, comprised of the Mitel Your Assistant™, Mitel Quick Conference, and Mitel Teleworker Solution, is helping Morris Technology to save tens of thousands of dollars in administrative overhead by minimizing travel, expediting sales, and lowering training and technical support costs—all while dramatically boosting staff productivity. Mitel Mobile Extension is making Morris Technology staff members easily accessible, wherever they happen to be, through their single office extension.

Morris Technology has based its entire business model on being an application service provider (ASP) that leverages centralization for communication and business systems for its media customers. “Using the Teleworker Solution, tech support requests from anywhere in the country are now answered by the tech support group from any internet-enabled location,” Goodlett says. “This gives tech support team members the full functionality of our network operations center (NOC) and its Mitel powered communication solution at their fingertips through a standard laptop or desktop PC.”

With the benefits of Your Assistant, teleworking and Mobile Extension well established, Morris Technology recently added Quick Conference that enables teleconferences to be established without the need for third-party audio-conferencing services. In addition, the application allows users to record conferences and centrally store the recordings with easy access through a Web link. “This is a significant advantage for us internally and with our customers," Goodlett says. “With the added ability to send the recorded conference via e-mail with an embedded .wav file, anyone missing the call can now review the discussion in its entirety, thus reducing repetitive communication costs and increasing everyone’s productivity.

“By enabling us to leverage our existing IP communications platform to meet audio-conferencing needs, this application will pay for itself in less than four months,” Goodlett says. “In addition, it is fast becoming a valuable training tool, enabling participants in training conferences to review those calls at their convenience. With the application we also have the ability to extract valuable business intelligence associated with the teleconferences, such as how often the service is utilized, number of participants per call, and in kind, validate the accounting side of the savings we garner.”

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In the media space, Morris Technology is a full service backend systems automation integrator and software development company. Using an ASP model, we offer critical business solutions like accounting, circulation, advertising/classified, and services which include system support, eMail, security, network switch management, and as well, they offer network and telephony system management, and a wide range of consulting and technical support services. Morris Technology is also a technology acquisitions company with strategic assets in eCommerce. Morris Technology increases the value of companies by providing access to capital, business tools, and management infrastructure to achieve faster success.

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