Mitel Outlines Strategic Vision to Intersect Advanced Real-Time Communications with Cloud, Enterprise and Mobility Technologies

October 15, 2015

Brings Together Mobile, Cloud and Enterprise Communications Platforms to Meet Growing Business and Consumer Mobility Requirements

  • Enables mobile carriers on three continents to achieve a first-to-market advantage with Mitel's Voice over WiFi (VoWiFi) solutions
  • Profiles a series of mobile enterprise cloud-based products and solutions
  • Creates new business accelerator to speed the development of real-time services and solutions

 (Nasdaq:MITL) (TSX:MNW), a global leader in real-time business, cloud and mobile communications, today outlined its strategic vision to address the rapidly evolving mobile-first world. The strategy is focused on eliminating technical barriers between enterprise and mobile silos and is powered by Mitel's industry-leading cloud offering.

Leveraging the unique market intersection of mobile, enterprise and cloud technologies, Mitel enables innovative new real-time business models as the lines between consumers and businesses blur. According to a recent survey*, more than 80 percent of enterprises still do not have their business communications platform tied to their mobile networks.

In announcing the strategy, Mitel President and CEO Rich McBee said, "For many of us, the first thing we do in the morning is check our mobile. Increasingly everyday business communications are initiated on a handheld device rather than a desk phone or PC. Using mobile as our entry point, Mitel is leveraging rapid advances in cloud and 4G LTE mobile capabilities to give businesses and consumers better access to the mobile, collaboration and information tools they demand."

At the core of Mitel's strategy is a vision of the mobile enterprise, a mobile-first, cloud-enabled and millennial-focused world where communications access, tools and information that have historically been tied to a physical location are seamless, and where handoffs between enterprise and mobile networks are instant and undetectable.

Mitel is advancing and accelerating the cloud-powered mobile enterprise:

  • Power mobile enterprise using the real-time cloud: Mitel's market-leading cloud portfolio enables the delivery of rich new mobile services allowing service providers to deliver real-time voice, video and collaboration services, small businesses to take advantage of large enterprise capability at a fraction of the price, and large enterprises to gain speed and flexibility in mixed hardware and software environments.
  • Leverage 4G LTE leadership and innovation: With Mitel's leadership in software-based 4G LTE mobile networking solutions, mobile carriers on three continents have gained a first-to-market advantage with Mitel's VoWiFi solutions, launching WiFi Calling services. The intersection of IP-based 4G mobile networks and the pervasive availability of enterprise WiFi is breaking down historical technical barriers between mobile services and in-building network access. VoWiFi offers service parity and a consistent user experience to traditional cellular voice services creating new opportunities for mobile carriers to offer competitive new services and revenue streams.
  • New business accelerator brings rich mobile applications and services to the mobile enterpriseMitel has established a dedicated technology accelerator which brings together some of Mitel's brightest engineers and technology strategists working directly with forward-thinking customers to develop, test and bring to market innovative new real-time mobile applications and cloud services.

Today Mitel also announced a series of products and services which leverage real-time, cloud and mobile technologies to lay the foundation of the mobile enterprise.

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"Personally and professionally, we are all connecting to others in new ways every single day. The challenge is connecting in a way that is intuitive, effective and economical," said Zeus Kerravala, ZK Research founder and principal analyst. "Mitel's promise to leverage the intersection across real-time, cloud and mobile technologies perfectly aligns with a user's desire to knit together mixed voice, video and collaboration environments so businesses can effectively communicate and compete."

Important Facts

  • Mobile technology limitations result in annual productivity losses of approximately $12,500 per knowledge worker, $9,300per information worker, and $3,000 per service worker*
  • Mitel powers more than 2 billion business and more than 2 billion mobile connections each day
  • Mitel can be found in more than 130 mobile service providers across the globe
  • Mitel enabled the industry's first VoLTE service, the first IMS VoWiFi application, first RCSe, North America's first Converged IP Messaging service and the first network functions virtualization-based IMS implementation
  • More than 60 million enterprise users trust Mitel each day

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