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What Happened to MiCloud Flex? Has Mitel Stopped Selling MiCloud Flex?

MiCloud Flex Retail and Partner Delivered versions reach end of sale June 30, 2022. No new customer orders for Flex Retail or Partner Delivered will be accepted after this date. This does NOT apply to MiCloud Flex Wholesale, which will continue to be sold. The MiCloud Flex platform will continue to work for those with existing contacts and those signed before the end of sale date.

Why will Mitel stop selling MiCloud Flex?


On November 9, 2021, Mitel announced a strategic partnership with RingCentral in which RingCentral is now Mitel’s exclusive UCaaS partner, bringing business communications to the next level.

This exciting partnership enables existing Mitel Cloud customers a seamless path to RingCentral's award-winning Message Video Phone (MVP) UCaaS services, ranked as the market leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant, and Mitel Partners the opportunity to partner with RingCentral.


What should I do next? What are the best alternatives and replacements to MiCloud Flex?


The best alternative/replacement to MiCloud Flex is RingCentral MVP.

RingCentral MVP customers get access to features like:

Will Mitel continue to support MiCloud Flex?


Mitel will continue to support existing customers and partners on the MiCloud Flex service, leveraging the existing support processes. Technical and support documentation will continue to be available through Infochannel, PowerUP, and other technical publication sites.

Existing customers and partners will continue to have the ability to manage their MiCloud Flex accounts, including adding or changing their services, through the partner or via Mitel support teams. Customers or partners adding locations will continue to be able to do this through the Mitel Support organizations.

This page is NOT announcing the end of support of MiCloud Flex. Information here excludes the MiCloud Flex Wholesale program.



The partnership with RingCentral provides existing customers and new prospects the opportunity to access RingCentral's award-winning Message Video Phone (MVP) UCaaS services, the clear market leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant.

Yes. Existing customers will be able to add services or locations to their accounts through their partner or via Mitel support. This will remain true after June 30, 2022.

No, Mitel will continue to support MiCloud Flex.

Mitel Cloud Services Inc. US Regulatory Notice:

The FCC will normally authorize this proposed discontinuance of service (or reduction or impairment) unless it is shown that customers would be unable to receive service or a reasonable substitute from another carrier or that the public convenience and necessity is otherwise adversely affected. If you wish to object, you should file your comments as soon as possible, but no later than 15 days after the Commission releases public notice of the proposed discontinuance. You may file your comments electronically through the FCC's Electronic Comment Filing System using the docket number established in the Commission's public notice for this proceeding, or you may address them to the Federal Communications Commission, Wireline Competition Bureau, Competition Policy Division, Washington, DC 20554, and include in your comments a reference to the ยง 63.71 Application of Mitel Cloud Services Inc. Comments should include specific information about the impact of this proposed discontinuance (or reduction or impairment) upon you or your company, including any inability to acquire reasonable substitute service.

Issued By:
Mitel Cloud Services Inc. 1146 North Alma School Rd Mesa, AZ 85201


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